Putting New, Game-Changing Technology in the Hands of CISOs


The Roundtable Network is back and in full swing with a new approach.

Our relaunch provides critical new content and value with a delivery platform that is personal and time efficient. With The Roundtable Network, CISOs are kept abreast of critical, cyber security solutions being funded by premier venture firms.

In a private, one-on-one meeting, CISOs in the Network are educated on seven game-changing security solutions each quarter. This exposure to Series A startups is critical to long-term planning and staying competitive.

Further, we share in detail, the new solutions your peers have successfully deployed. This is vital to increasing security across the enterprise and de-risking technology investments.

This is an exciting new chapter for The Roundtable Network. With access to newly vetted information security solutions from trusted investors and peers, CISOs get a view into how technology is evolving to meet their needs, and which companies are worthy of engagement.

Thank you for 13 years of support, and your invaluable feedback on how we can best serve you. And yes, Steve Katz and I will still host the coveted Roundtables to keep the Network current and connected.

There are no costs for any of The Roundtable Network services. If a CISO identifies a vendor presented as worthy of a deeper review, the vendor compensates The Roundtable Network.

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Private Briefings

With a one-hour time commitment each quarter, CISOs in the Network are briefed on seven new, ground-breaking solutions in a one-on-one meeting with Pam. The Roundtable Network will curate and present ~30 solutions annually.

Peer Deployments

CISOs in the Network receive a report on solutions that your peers have successfully deployed. These deployments are referenceable and address top-of-the-list issues.


Join your peers to discuss topics that the CISOs in the Network collectively select. As always, Steve Katz will moderate the Roundtables, which will be held quarterly in New York City and San Francisco.


Founder & CEO, Pam Brodt

Pam is a veteran information security sales leader with decades of high-tech, enterprise experience. She has a strong reputation amongst Global 2000 executives, technology vendors, and investors for providing value and results. Pam has a successful track record in building revenues and momentum for young tech companies – one after another. She has held executive-level positions at a number of startups, most recently Appthority and Blue Cedar. Pam, as a serial entrepreneur, focuses exclusively on serving the CISO community, and founded the first generation of The Roundtable Network in 2004. It quickly became the premiere forum for CISOs to exchange views and solve problems on the hottest topics in information security. Thanks to feedback from her highly vocal Network, Pam is excited to deliver critical new services in this next chapter of The Roundtable Network.

If you are a CISO that would like to be included in the Network, please contact Pam directly.